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MIRF 2022

In Malaysia, franchising has been consistently promoted and supported by the government. This enables a good springboard to market in Asia. There are over 500 franchise brands in Malaysia, out of which 70% are local. Sectors that top the list are food and beverage, retailing, education, beauty and health, among other businesses.

The Malaysia government has laid ambitious targets for the franchise industry to contribute 9.4% to gross domestic product by 2022 and as the franchise hub in ASEAN. This presents international franchisors with opportunities to seek franchisees in this region.

MIRF 2022 themed “Reboot: Retail and Franchise”, signifies MIRF as a growth platform for retail and franchise businesses to not only expand in terms of revenue but to also reshape and recultive new business model and innovation strategy after the pandemic period.

With over 10 countries participating in MIRF 2022, there will be many international brands exhibition, with quality business matching throughout the exhibition. MIRF 2019 transacted over RM80 million business revenue with over 15,000 visitors.

MIRF 2022 will be held at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre and we foresee nothing but growth. With great excitement, we welcome everyone to quickly participate in Malaysia’s Biggest Retail and Franchise Fair ever organized by Malaysian Retail Chain Association (MRCA). We look forward to seeing you there.

MIRF 2022, Reboot: Retail and Franchise!