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MIRF 2022 is organized by the Malaysian Retail Chain Association (MRCA)
MRCA was founded in 1992. It is the brainchild of a team led by prominent and visionary chain retailer – Dato’ Eddie Choon, Executive Chairman of Poh Kong Holdings Berhad.

MRCA acts as an excellent avenue for retail businesses to network and exchange ideas, share resources and to promote the healthy expansion of the most influential retail industry in Malaysia and abroad. Its vision is to be recognised as one of the most influential bodies in Malaysia, supporting the development and globalization of the retail industry.

Since it was established, MRCA has developed into a very strong organization, comprising more than 450 leading retail chain stores operators as well as franchisors and covering more than 30,000 outlets throughout Malaysia.

About MRCA

MRCA Council Members 2022 2024

The Malaysia Retail Chain Association (MRCA) was established in the year 1992, with a vision of uniting all Malaysian Retailers as a single community in addressing concerns as a resounding voice, and to use this platform to engage with various organizations such as the Government agencies, societies of interest to form collaborations which benefits our Members in all fronts.

Today, the Association and its Members have journeyed long and far in establishing themselves in the international retail fraternity, with more than 450 Members representing over 30,000 outlets, providing more than 300,000 job opportunities in Malaysia and abroad.

Members have always been the pride and joy of the Association. MRCA feels privileged to host Member brands and businesses championing Malaysian retail beyond our shores and the ASEAN region stimulating growth and garnering recognition for the enterprising spirit of Malaysia.

Staying loyal to our objective of being an Association by and for the retail community, MRCA undertakes the number one priority to serve its Members through all capacities and means available to the Association.

We may have to break new grounds to keep up with the dynamic, demanding changes in the industry and in retrospect our Members have been enthusiastic about enacting these changes and many have turned to MRCA for change, empowerment and enrichment.

MRCA mobilizes its wealth of resources into organizing collaborations, engagement, education & seminars, information sharing and programs which centralize technology as the agent of change for the betterment of our Members’ businesses and operations, especially during challenging times.

We are also living in an ever-changing world around us and it is inevitable therefore to always be open to hear our Members’ views and how we can align ourselves to support them with our activities.

Whilst we place our focus on our Members to meet our objectives, we are also re-engineering our own operations to align with the MRCA eco-system and our setup and resources. We shall continue to do so and to constantly tap on the talents and expertise that are available at our disposal. All this is being done to bring about positive outcomes and increase the value of our Members.

In addition, we will also include programs and activities to prepare Members as far as possible for the emerging Digital Economy that is changing the ways that companies do business. This is certainly a big challenge to many setups as most are still in the process of adjusting and adapting to the new ways. We would set-off to organize activities that could help to make the path to such new ways faster and smoother.

MRCA provides an excellent avenue for our Members to come together and network, exchange and synergize ideas and technical know-how and explore opportunities to perhaps collaborate and use each other’s strengths and facilities to expand their businesses jointly within Malaysia and in the region.

Against this background, the MRCA’s mission and vision is to align its objectives and be recognized as one of the most influential retail bodies and voice in Malaysia for creating opportunities in supporting the development and globalization of the retail industry for now and the new frontier. Notwithstanding that, it also remains part of the MRCA’s effort to align with the national agenda and stir a strong GDP coming from the Retail sector, with digitalization as the main driver.

The MRCA is proud of the milestones and accolades awarded to many of our Members over the years. This, in itself, is a testament of their commitment and involvement in their businesses to be relevant and progressive in shaping the future of the retail industry in Malaysia. The MRCA would certainly applaud their contributions to the industry. Many of our Members have successfully expanded their presence overseas in countries such as the USA, Australia, China, Africa and those in the Middle East and the ASEAN region, just to name a few.

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John Austin

Co-Founder and  CFO
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Amelia Tan

Event Director

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Dan Jackson

Production Manager
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